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Cogitatio Aeterna (93)

Cogitatio Aeterna
Artist: Glen Whittaker

Original Location: Penn Center East, Monroeville
Most recent location: 5820 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206, parking lot of Greater Pgh. Orthopedic Associates.

About the dinosaur: "Glen deliberately made Cogi mysterious and thought-provoking. He applied stenciled question marks all over the body then hid them under layers of other symbols including yellow light bulb drawings. Underlying everything else was Glen's drawing of a "thinker". Glen wrote that his mission in making his dinosaur was to address questions about links people have with other life forms on earth. He wanted onlookers to be able to see themselves in his dinosaur and to think about their connectedness to it. The name, Cogitatio Aeterna, means eternal refection. Glen used mirror-like material, mylar, so that people could literally see themselves "reflected" in the dinosaur's skin." -Marcy Pitts
Cogitatio Aeterna (93)